Darren Greer Photography | About

As an avid technologist, my initial draw into photography was focused more on the mechanics of photographic equipment, which I found fascinating. My first few cameras were film, however, I saw how quickly the new DSLRs were being adopted, so my foray into film only lasted a few short years before I entered into the new DSLR world.


While my initial draw into photography was fostered by my love of the technology, my mindset shifted quickly towards the final output, as I began to see the joy that a great photograph can bring to those that view it.  This new shift, along with my continued passion towards the technology, has continued to foster my love of photography.


I'm constantly striving to improve my skill-set, in order to provide the best possible output to those that enlist my services.  As a self-taught photographer, I find great inspiration from photographers both local and abroad. My continued goal, is to provide you with a lifetime of memories, that you can enjoy and pass-down through generations to come.