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I had the pleasure of working with Colby and Sydney's for their engagement session over a year ago.  After heading out west for school, they have returned to Florida to finish school and to be closer to family.  They contacted me a few weeks ago, wanting to hold a one year anniversary session, which I was more than happy to oblige.  This session was held at the Washington Oaks Garden State Park in Palm Coast, Florida.  An amazing couple, perfectly matched.  Enjoy!

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David & Amanda Proposal http://www.darrengreer.com/blog/2015/10/david-amanda-proposal 2015_07_01_David_Bonaro_Engagement-582015_07_01_David_Bonaro_Engagement-58

David contacted me in order to setup a "secret" photography session, to capture the moments leading up to, and after, his proposal to Amanda.  It was a truly unique and amazing experience to watch these two take the next step in their relationship.  While not the typical session, it was great to be a part, and look forward to watching them continue their life together.


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